SPOT+ – here are the headings for the 2020 programme

jan 3, 2020

In less than five months, musicians as well and the Danish and the international music industries meet again in Aarhus at the SPOT Festival and SPOT+ 2020.
As for the SPOT+ part, we can already reveal the following headings for some of the many panels, seminars and network meetings::

Let’s Talk Music Management
Let’sTalk Music & Climate Change
Lets’s Talk Talent Development
Let’s Talk Data
Let’s Talk Metal
Let’s Talk Sync.
– as well as our ‘classics’ of course
Meet The Talent
Meet The Music Supervisors
Meet The Music Publishers
– And a lot more is on its way!

Meet a.o. Chris Cooke/Complete Music Update, Annabella Coldrick/MMF – Music Managers Forum, Josh Greenberg/Green Mountain Lodge, representatives from Music Declares Emergency, and the Music Supervisors Katy Gavillet/FOX, Samuel Diaz/CBS, Toddrick Spalding/Mob Scene, Danny Exum/Workshop Creative, Catherine Grimes/BBC Worldwide, Maura Duvall Griffin/Audiomachine – and many, many more.

Photo top by Line Svindt.