SPOT at Home
As SPOT had to join the group of many others to cancel their 2020 main event, we have been working hard to organize other SPOT events this summer and autumn. To the performers, SPOT – had it taken place next week – would’ve been their unique opportunity to showcase their music in front of international press and business reps.

This is why we are giving the spotlight they and some previous SPOT performers deserve in this handpicked showcase compilation series called SPOT at Home. Special sessions made by the acts while waiting for the stages to re-open – and made for you to watch: No queues, no RSVP’s. Please find below these fresh talents.
If anything should spark your interest, we’ll gladly tell you more about the acts and connect you to the respective managements.

The campaign is made in close cooperation with our German partner FACTORY 92 and supported by MXD – Music Export Denmark.

The 24 year old Ericka Jane brings edgy urban pop to the party. The half Filipino half Danish singer is inspired by Rihanna, Banks and Beyoncé when creating her music. As a 16 year old she uploaded a cover of a Drake song on YouTube and quickly gained more than 100,000 views. Today she has more than 25 million streams across all platforms, and in the end of July she releases her second EP ”Hard To Fake It”.

Hjalte Ross, is a 23 year old Danish singer and songwriter who released his debut album ‘Embody’ November 2018, with great responds from amongst others MOJO, Uncut, Metro News and KEXP. The aftermath of the release of ‘Embody’ has seen Hjalte Ross on several Nordic Festival posters as Roskilde Festival, SPOT Festival, Reeperbahn, Musik I Lejet, etc. as well as being nominated for ‘hope of the year’ at the Danish critical awards, and winning a Danish Musicians Autor Award (DJBFA).


Jesse Markin is a Liberian-born songwriter from Finland. Having released his debut single ‘Blood’ in May 2018, Markin soon became the hottest act on the Finnish urban & indie scene. Markin’s gift is his ability to fuse indie pop, hip-hop soul and r’n’b, to which he adds a touch of  African folk. His rock-solid delivery of this fusion is imbued with an intensity that keeps you enthralled.

Jacob Dinesen is a young storyteller with an incredible voice and an old soul. He plays an Americana inspired crossover between rock,folk and country, and has released 3 albums, been certified gold and platinum – and has got heavy radio rotation. Jacob Dinesen has also played Americana Fest in London, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Faroe Islands. A big tour of Germany will be rescheduled for 2021.

A band who made their debut two years ago with a distinctive pop universe with elements of r’n’b, pop, hip hop and rock. Their new single ‘Soliloquy, (Wouldn’t Feel Alone)’, has opened up to what they call their ‘bipolar pop universe’. Both in terms of lyrics and sound, the trio oscillate between melancholy introspection and triumphant transcendence. Fittingly the title of the forthcoming album will be ‘Going Up / Going Down’.


The future looks bright for the Danish-Greek singer and songwriter Athina. With honest songs, a charismatic voice and a passion for sustainability her music receives great recognition in both Danish and American media. When her release concert got cancelled due to covid19 she arranged for courtyards concerts –  it spread through SoMe and got aired on the National News. She has been touring ever since with a still growing fanbase.

The Faroese shitpunk band is all in for no bullshit.  This is four energetic guys, who mix punk, satire, teenage anxiety and honest lyrics in a beautiful and redeeming way. Four bisexual vegan punks who initally got their inspiration from provocative artwork found in the basement of an old abandoned school. The session is from the Faraose Music Awards – corona cancelled in the last minutes only allowing cameramen in the room.

Gurli Octavia seduces the audience with her compelling and spellbinding songwriting. Her lyrical universe is melancholic, yet uplifting. The songs contain depth and vulnerability, which casts a spell on the listeners. Growing up in her parent’s travelling circus, she was raised for a life on the road. In that sense Gurli has naturally combined the street performing element from her upbringing with the music she wants to act out.


Liberty is a new name in the Danish music arena but many will recognize the creator, Mattias Kolstrup. He is the former front figure in the band Dúné which ended in 2018 after 18 hectic years. After a well-deserved break filled with inspiration and thoughtfulness, Mattias is ready to go solo with completely new material fresh and with new energy. A melodic mix of rock and pop – and with that well-known touch and edge.

As if out of nowhere, the 25-year-old singer and songwriter Ellen Bathoum has landed confidently on the Danish music scene with a clearly defined artistic expression. Armed with all the devices of electronic pop music ELBA delivers monumental and effective synth pop that is immediately catchy and soul-stirring. In her lyrics ELBA tells relatable stories about loss of control and the many shades of love.


After a journey of artistic self-discovery and three years without releases, Go Go Berlin returned last year with new songs and a new sound. Their former trademark, the retro rock, blowing audiences away across the world, has been infused with electronic elements and contemplative moods – like this new session shows.

It is safe to say that Soleima is a well acclaimed artist in Denmark with her sold out concerts and honorable nominations at various Danish music awards shows. Lately, Soleima has focused on writing new songs, and together with her remarkable and spellbinding voice these songs have generated a lot of international interest: She has signed with Atlantic Records (US), and in February she toured across the USA.


Hailed as “the most ground-breaking, inventive artist in Europe right now, possibly in the world” by God Is in the TV Magazine, it seems fair to say that Jenny Rossander aka Lydmor has created quite a buzz. Always on the move, her electronic universe is equal parts bubbling creativity and personal integrity. On stage, neon-clad Lydmor stands as a regular one-woman army with a baffling gift for creating irresistibly catchy, yet deeply personal songs.

19-year-old singer and songwriter Ida Laurberg has always explored her own musicality. After numerous singles, and with her serious pop potential and more than 200,000 monthly Spotify listeners, she is ready for take-off on her journey to the very top. Her skills as a singer are unmistakable with her beautiful voice and her honest and confident phrasings. Add to that the personal lyrics that reflect real life.

Minimalistic, spheric and created over the blackest coffee in the earliest of mornings. Electronic vibes meet acoustic grooves, and catchy melodies meet Nordic atmospheres.


23-year-olds August and Andreas mix R&B, pop and electronic beats. Influenced by the new wave of Scandinavian pop music with soul and character, while nodding to their international heroes such as Kelela, The Weeknd and Majid Jordan.


Things are going well for the young up-and-comer Mekdes, who was awarded the Danish title Live Act 2019. Her uplifting neo-soul has brought a new energy to the musical landscape, and she writes and produces all of her music from her base in the small Danish town Kolding. On her latest single “In Favor Of You” she beautifully adds a layer of melancholy to her catchy r’n’b realm. Watch out for an artist who’s heading for the stars.