Live from VA15


Astronaut is a great mix of vintage sound and modern songwriting. They deliver crazy, atmospheric live shows and transcends the musical stratosphere. 

Ida Laurberg

At a very young age Ida Laurberg has already gained a lot of attention as one of brightest future stars. Her amazing voice is unparalleled and becomes a mesmerizing keystone in her soulful moody-pop world.

Rebecca Lou

Rebecca Lou is rock n’roll at its best. The hard knocking trio shakes up the gender debate inspiring young women and girls to embrace their wild sides.

Nicklas Sahl

Singer-songwriter Nicklas Sahl has quickly gained success with his guitar and falsetto voice. It is difficult not to get drawn into this peaceful universe.


The young men in Undertekst create catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Gifted with undeniable talents they stand out as one of the most anticipated groups in Denmark.


Mattias Kolstrup has gained some newly attention in his project Liberty. After the Duné-days he is ready to kick off a New Nordic Wave with a great bunch of attitude. 

Ericka Jane

Ericka Jane is urban and edgy pop tunes. She is inspired of Beyoncé, Banks, Rihanna and is on her way to the top.


Drew is a highly-gifted singer and songwriter. Her playful pop music creates a world of joy and dance.



Singer-songwriter Jacob Aksglæde is one the most promising musical talents in Denmark. He delivers colourful danish lyrics in a wide range of pop songs.


Greta’s music is a mixed world of nostalgia and future-like sounds. Her impressive and light vocal thrives in this fairy-tale-kind-of-pop, while the depth of her is to be found in the existential texts.


mags is a soft and clean voice performing diary-like lyrics. She creates a lovely electro-pop bubble of finesse and edge.

Marshall Cecil

‘Bipolar’ and ‘transcendental pop’ is the best way to describe the genre of Marshall Cecil and inspired by the elements of both R&B, rock, pop and hip-hop, the trio is a great example of a unique soundscape.

The Entrepreneurs

The energy-packed noise rock trio, The Entrepreneurs, pull back aesthetic strands into traditional punk rock, filling the room with dark and bursting underlays. 


Elisha is now ready to release new music on his own terms. He is now even more raw and mystical in his performance.