Open call: Meet The Music Publishers @ SPOT+ 2020

feb 25, 2020

At “Meet The Music Publishers”, you can “speed meet” with a group of leading Danish and international music publishers.

Access only for music business professionals through application and with a delegates wrist band. Send your request to – with information about your company, roster and who you want to meet with.

Meet: Ole Dreyer/NMS Nordic Music Society, Anders Fredslund-Hansen/The Arrangement, Laurits Bejder Klausen & Kristoffer Winkler/The Bank, Marcus Faal/One Seven/disco:wax, Lui-sa Rolander & Christian Fløe Svenningsen/GL Music, Mette Zähringer/Iceberg Music Group, Nicolas Blix/Mantik Music & Hide Kawada/UF Creators (JP).

“Meet The Music Publishers”: Saturday May 2nd – 10:00 – 11:00 – room 11 – Radisson BLU

Presented by Promus in cooperation with SPOT+, Musikforlæggerne og DPA – supported by Koda Kultur