Open-call: Meet The Music Supervisors @ SPOT+ 2020

feb 25, 2020

We are now ready for another round of our important “Meet The Music Supervisors” -speed meeting session, where we once again have the pleasure of welcoming a bunch of “hi-end” music supervisors from Los Angeles, Toronto, Hamburg, Berlin and Copenhagen for this year’s SPOT +. On Friday, February 28, we will open the applications for our 7th edition of our much sought after “Meet The Music Supervisors”, which will take place during SPOT + 2020!

Music supervision, placement, synch, trailers – yes, all the opportunities available for working with songs and rights have become a fairly important area of revenue for both music companies and publishers at home. Here the SPOT+ feature “Meet The Music Supervisors” has become one of the most important events within sync and music supervision in Denmark, so it is with great pleasure that we can now welcome:

Samuel Diaz/CBS (US), Katy Gavillet/FOX (US), Toddrick Spalding/Mob Scene (US), Danny Exum/Workshop Creative (US), Maura Duval Griffin/Audiomachine (US), Megan Bar-bour/Buddha Jones (US), Harley Beckman/Theodore (UK), Yvette Metoy-er/Supermusicvision (US), Sascha Daroch-Davies/DLMDD Music (UK), Catherine Grimes/BBC Worldwide (UK), Marielle Jade Te/Hit The Ground Running (US), Samantha Hilscher/Lionsgate (US), Michael Perlmutter/Instinct Entertainment (CA), Nis Bøgvad/Copenhagen Film Music (DK), Jesper Gadeberg/ (DK), Pia Hoff-mann/Musicsupervising (DE), Milena Fessmann/Cinesongs (DE) & Uli Kleppi/Cookie For All (DE)

“Meet The Music Supervisors” takes place on Friday, May 1 from 10am – 12:30 pm at Radisson Blu
Requires either a full festival / conference ticket or SPOT + accreditation.

There is a limited number of seats and there is access for industry professionals only.
Promus reserves the right to take a definitive decision regarding your application and your possible participation! If accepted, you will receive an accurate meeting schedule no later than one week before SPOT +. By confirming your participation, you accept a so-called “no-show fee” of DKK 1,500, – DKK (200, – €)

Send an email with a brief description of your company, who you represent and who of the music supervisors you want to meet. We try to accommodate your requests as best we can but reserve the right to put together the final meeting program.

Write to – but hurry! There is an ongoing application, so it is “first come – first serve”

Approved applicants are awarded max. 9 min. “speed meeting” and there will only be access for industry professionals; publishers, supervisors, labels and managers.

Presented by Promus in cooperation with SPOT+ and the Music Publishers Association of Denmark – and with the support from Koda Kultur and The Arts Council of Denmark.

A big thanks to Manfred Zähringer/Iceberg Music Group, Gareth Carter & Jesper Reginal/Crunchy Frog, Nis Bøgvad/Copenhagen Film Music, Cecilie Karpinski/GL Music og Ole Dreyer/Nordic Music Society for helping out and sharing their network.