A taste of SPOT: Online concerts Friday from Way Up North

apr 29, 2020

Since 2007, the Way Up North Festival has been taken on (taking on?) the important role of presenting the finest acts hailing from the northern part of Jutland at SPOT Festival. This Friday (1st of May) was supposed to mark another year doing just so, with an exquisite bunch of talent lined up and ready to impress.

Now, with SPOT Festival being cancelled, Studenterhuset Aalborg (the folks behind WUN), has decided that COVID-19 can’t stop them from proudly showing to the world what their local scene has to offer. With a little help from KORMA and SPOT Festival, they will be broadcasting three extremely talented acts live from the stage at Studenterhuset Aalborg, and everyone’s welcome to join in.

We can’t wait to get a bit of SPOT-feeling send to our living rooms! Keep an eye on our Facebook-page for links to this important showcasing event.


Kl. 20:10 – The Courettes (top graphic)
The Danish/Brazilian garage rock duo has, since its establishment in 2015, toured intensively in Europe and Brazil. Vintage gear, vintage look, the love for the real roots of rock’n’roll and an unbreakable energi has seen The Courettes highly praised in music zines such as Mojo, Rolling Stone and Louder Than War: “The real sound of now busting through my door, new songs that keep kicking the history forward. I can’t imagine my turntable without The Courettes” – David Fricke (Rolling Stone, US)


Kl. 20:50 – Hjalte Ross
The young songwriter, singer and guitarist, Hjalte Ross, released his critically acclaimed debut album “Embody” back in late 2018, creating a great deal of hype before playing three(!) shows at SPOT 19, impressing both audiences and music journalists from all over. Hjalte Ross has also been playing both Roskilde Festival and as support on a DK-tour with Mikael Simpson.


Kl. 21:30 – Kogekunst
The Aalborg duo has touched, inspired, convinced, and provocated their audience on their two albums “Sexede” and “LALA” and at their concerts at places like SPOT and Roskilde Festival. Their single “Kan ikke vente til i morgen” – from their debut albom “Sexede” – was used on Carsten Holms radio show on Danish Broadcasting corporations P6, and had the music expert declare Kogekunst as his new favorite act. Their latest album “LALA” has been highly praised by music journalists from all over the country and has resulted in sold out shows in both Copenhagen and Aarhus.
(Kogekunst photo: Niels Fabæk)


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Top graphic: The Courettes