Open Call: Meet The Talent @ SPOT+ 2020

feb 25, 2020

At “Meet The Talent”, you can “speed meet” with a group of leading Danish music business people representing management, agencies & labels.

Access only for music business professionals through application and with a delegates wrist band. Send your request to – with information about your company, roster and who you want to meet with.

“Meet The Talent”: Friday May 1st, 13:00-14:30 | Room 11 | Radisson BLU, Aarhus

Meet: Viktoria Skovhus & Tom Spray/smash!bang!pow!, Kasper Boldt/all Things Live, Peter Munck/Virgin/Universal, Victoria Jespersen/Warner Music, Ronni Vindahl/Beachy Records, Nicolai Winther/Yellow Tag, Stefan Facius/Heartbeat Management, Jens Uhre Karls-son/Backbeat Management, Christian Backman & Morten Elley/The Music Company, Nick Foss/Mermaid Records, Patrik Larsson/Playground Music (SE), Søren Mensberg/3rd Tsu-nami Agency, Laurits Bejder Klausen/The Bank, Patrick Christensen/Sony Music, Astrid Storm Thorsen/Universal Music, Rasmus Søby/Copenhagen Music, Thomas Børresen/Soul Camp & Mathias Binder/PDH Music